Data Science & Analytics Solutions

Use Cases of Data Science and Advanced Analytics extend across all industries and functions. Although each Use Case is different, various thematic clusters have formed in recent years, which today serve as a reference for the classification of Data Science and Analytics projects. We support you in all illustrated clusters of Use Cases and more.

Use Cases

Financial Analytics

Analyze financial data and use Machine Learning to forecast possible future financial scenarios to shape the strategy for your business through reliable and factual insight rather than intuition.

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Predictive Maintenance

Use Machine Learning to predict machinery and equipment breakdowns and save costs by preventing failures through regularly scheduled, time-based and corrective maintenance.

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Real-time Analytics

Provide insights for making better decisions quickly and proactively alert users or trigger responses as events happen. Recognize changed conditions and take measures in real-time.

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Customer Analytics

Use data from customer behavior and utilize Machine Learning to improve your products and services or for direct marketing, site selection or customer relationship management.

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Fraud Detection

Payment fraud is an ideal Use Case for Machine Learning and AI. Automatically detect frauds, missing data points and anomalies in data from your financial services and minimize your risk.

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Use Machine Learning and AI for forecasting your revenue, customer behavior or other KPIs of your organization. Use forecasted insights for steering your organization.

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Retail Analytics

Turn your data on inventory levels, supply chain movement, consumer demand or sales into valuable insights for maintaining procurement level and taking marketing decisions.

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Web Analytics

Use Machine Learning to measure, collect and analyze your web data for purposes of optimizing your products, services and and understanding the behavior of your online customers.

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Deep Learning

Deep Learning is used to solve the most complex Machine Learning and AI problems. Use Deep Learning for the recognition of complex images, sounds and text information.

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